DAME 3.1.0 released

This version of DAME adds some new features designed to be more restrictive and make it easier for end users to edit maps and not make mistakes.

First up I’ve added the concept of layer templates. For now this is just for map layers. You can create a template from a map layer in the layers tab and then whenever you want to add a new map layer you can pick from the list of templates, instead of having to mess around with setting up tilesets.

I’ve also added some options in the Tools->Options menu to force users to only add maps from templates, and to disallow them from modifying the template list.

Another option I’ve added is to prevent editing sprite entries. Again, this is designed so that if you have a framework you can just give it to end users and not worry about them accidentally changing something. (Though, they can still change the option in Tools->Options if they need, but it’s a bit more hidden away).

In sprite entries I’ve added 2 options. One to force rotations to always be in 90 degree angles. There already was a keyboard shortcut to do this with 45 degree angles, but this is for those sprites that you only ever want placed in the simplest way. A second option I added prevents editing of tileset frames. Most people never use this feature so it prevents accidental breakage.

By default DAME should work exactly as it always did, so you’ll need to turn these features on, but hopefully it should help things a bit.

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